Behind the Process

Our aim is to create spaces that encourage clients to relax and recharge and to spend time with family and friends, while always maintaining the highest level of client-service.  Layering a variety of textures and materials with pieces from various locals and time periods, we create homes that feel as special as they are and that truly reflect our client’s lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a complete remodel or a refresh, we provide a comprehensive experience that works with your chosen level of involvement.

Services Include:

  • Design Planning - Understanding the needs and wants of the client and the logistics of the project in order to create a detailed and bespoke interior design plan including the selection of finishes, fixtures, lighting, furnishings, rugs, art and accessories. Our projects range from a simple refresh of a room to new construction or remodels of entire homes.

  • Industry Partnerships - Assisting in the selection of and coordinating and working with specialists such as general contractors, painters, electricians, wallpaper installers, architects, landscape architects, art consultants, etc. in order to implement the clients’ overall plan.

  • Project Management - Creation, implementation, supervision and management of the project plan, budget and timeline, and installation of the project.